About GK

GKFLOWERS is one of the leading suppliers of artificial  flowers and plants, as well as decorative articles and bonsais. 

GKFLOWERS exports its products to Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East ,South America and etc. 

Thanks to years of experience and continuous  development, we are able to offer a huge and unique assortment of  products. 

Over the years, our products have become undisputed best  sellers. We pride ourselves on delivering the best quality at the best  prices

Our products are sold primarily through  our website,China Canton Fair and our own designated sales team. 

To get a complete picture  of what GKFLOWERS is all about, 

nothing can beat a visit to our 2400 m  showroom in Yiwu city and more than 30000+ products photos on our own website.

For more information or questions, please feel free to call,  wechat or e-mail +86 15867943333. E-mail:export@gkflowers.com


Artificial flower (YIWU CHINA)2000㎡ Showroom and Christmas (YIWU CHINA)400㎡ Showroom

GKFLOWERS Showroom (office)

Address:2#Building,GKflowers,Fuhou Road,



E-mail: export@gkflowers.com

BFDECOR (office)(Only sell high-end artificial flowers and Christmas flowers)

Address:5203Room.World Trade Center.Yiwu Zhejiang China.P.C.322000



Artificial Flowers Purchasing Export Agent China.



We are professional export agent of purchasing artificial flowers.

We have our own office in each area of artificial flowers’factories.

Yiwu Artificial flowers agent office            Tianjin Artificial flowers agent office            

Tell:+86-15867943333                                   Tell:+86-15857946158

yiwu@gkflowers.com                                     tianjin@gkflowers.com

Huizhou Artificial flowers agent office       Xiamen Artificial flowers agent  office

Tell:+86-15857946198                                   Tell:+86-13045795678

huizhou@gkflowers.com                                xiamen@gkflowers.com

Dongguan Artificial flowers agent office    Shantou Artificial flowers agent office

Tell:+86-15257911000                                    Tell:+86-15857949298

dongguan@gkflowers.com                             Shantou@gkflowers.com

Zhongshan Artificial flowers agent office   Hebei Artificial flowers agent office

Tell:+86-15857942328                                     Tell:+86-15857943758

Zhongshan@gkflowers.com                            Hebei@gkflowers.com


Qingdao Artificial flowers agent office        Hongkong Artificial flowers agent office 

Tell:+86-15857949298                                     Tell:+852 5625 1993

qingdao@gkflowers.com                                 hongkong@gkflowers.com